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Organizations Share Their Success Stories

Clients Succeed through Work Alignment

The following customer stories of McFletcher’s Work Alignment and WorkStyle Patterns® processes and results are examples of the successes our clients have experienced. Client representatives are available to confirm the stated process and results and share some of the details with you. White papers from conference and association presentations are also available upon request.


For Self-Managed Careers

ADOT, like many organizations, was reeling from the complexity and rapidity of change. Its managers and employees were facing the challenge of facilitating career transitions in a constantly changing workplace. ADOT had previously taken an individual and programmatic approach to career planning. The Human Resource Development Center had offered workshops and programs to help employees identify their interests, values, WorkStyle, skills and work experience. These activities had been provided in isolation and were not connected to other organizational processes.

The agency was faced with pressing issues – such as a flatter organizational structure, more lateral development than promotional opportunities, a need for new skills, more flexibility, and different roles for managers and teams. Accordingly, the Center, with McFletcher’s Career System process, created an agency wide career development system that successfully linked the strategic goals of the organization and the needs of the employee, while supporting the agency's guiding vision.

Arizona Department of Transportation,

Phoenix, AZ


For New Work Culture

The Paladin combat vehicle was open for a competitive Department of Defense (DOD) bid. The defense company that won the bid incorporated the WorkStyle Pattern® (WSP™) Work Design and Hiring Processes to ensure a different way of working.

A new division with its own team work culture and hiring processes was created. WorkStyle Profiles were clearly designated for each assignment, and employees were given alignment coaching. The Paladin combat vehicle product went to market ahead of schedule and with major cost savings, consecutively for all of its program years.

United Defense, Paladin Division,

Chambersburg, PA

For Aligned and Accountable Leadership

A company that had invented and introduced a soft contact lens was projecting significant growth in production, revenues and workforce requirements. Recently acquired by a major player in the optic industry, this company was also shifting from an entrepreneurial work culture to a standardized production environment. These changes required a shift in management accountabilities and approach.

All team leaders, supervisors, and managers participated in a training program during which the appropriate WorkStyle Profile was determined for two years out and five years out. Each person identified his or her preferred WorkStyle and created his or her own transition and skill development plan to meet both current and future leadership requirements.

The company tripled in size within two years. In five years, it was a household name with multiple manufacturing sites.

Vistakon of Johnson and Johnson,
Jacksonville, FL


For Competitive Workforce

Forty top performers from a study group of 170 Personal Bankers were found to have similar WorkStyle Preferences and Position Profiles. Their Profile results were used to create selection interview questions and to design a training curriculum.

Personal Bankers who were selected and trained with these criteria were compared with other hires, both past and current. They were tracked over a two-year period and found to have the highest sales and service performance – with the lowest turnover.

A National Bank (Identity is anonymous due

to competition-sensitive information.)


For High Performance Organization

A national food service company redesigned the work of its Home Office from functions operating in silos to cross-functional process and service teams. The purpose and results of the redesign were to create generalist roles with shared work between IT, HR and Finance, quicker mobilization of resources, closer working relations with field operations, reductions in controls and duplication, and increased employee authority and accountability – thus, cost savings.

Restaura, Inc. A Viad Corporation Company,

Phoenix, AZ


For Record-Breaking Teams

A subassembly facility of telecommunication systems adopted a team-based structure, eliminated both engineering titles and supervisor and inspector/auditor positions, installed team training for assemblers and engineers, and designed an extremely lean management structure.

McFletcher’s Teaming by Design and Work Design Processes were integral elements in this effort. People are now considered the plant’s most valued resource. They have consistently exceeded all financial and production goals since 1986 and earned many coveted quality and world-class manufacturing awards.

Alcatel Network Systems, Nogales,

Sonora, Mexico

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