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Focus Group - McFletcher clients gathered for Focus Group Dialog in 1995 and in 2000 to discuss Work Alignment and contribute to Donna and Tomas' Work Alignment book.

Our People

McFletcher Members and Associates

Donna and Tomas McIntosh-Fletcher, principals of the firm, are considered to be on the cutting edge of organizational consulting and participatory environments. They are international leaders and authors in organizational work design and alignment processes.


Donna McIntosh-Fletcher

   Work Alignment to Create
Organizations of Lasting Value by 
Upholding the Promise of Work.

Donna McIntosh-Fletcher,
Chief Executive Officer
Consulting, Organizational and Teaming Design

Donna is a problem-solver and a business strategist with executive and management experience in business, government and community during which 38 years were also in the consulting arena. Providing clients with organizational direction and purpose, her practical wisdom cuts through surface symptoms to identify what is most needed for in-depth organizational improvement.

Donna founded McFletcher in 1974 with the goal to help organizations create work environments that would involve all members in the core business activities. To do so she obtained a masters degree in Organizational Development and completed post-graduate work in Group Productivity. She then authored Teaming by Design: Real Teams for Real People (McGraw-Hill, 1996), the Organizational Development Approach Scale (ODAS) and coauthored along with her partner Tomas the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory, the corresponding On-line WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Alignment Inventories and McFletcher's current Work Alignment Dialog book for Upholding the Promise of Work! Donna also authored numerous WorkStyle Research Studies, professional reports and articles


Tomas McIntosh-Fletcher

W Thomas "Tomas" McIntosh-Fletcher
Consulting, Work Culture and Learning Design

Tomas is a visionary in addressing clients' individual, cultural and organizational requirements to provide learning experiences appropriate to their work environments. His 40 years in the training and cultural integration fields and his creative ways to help adults "think" through their situations have convinced him that education and training must be designed to relate to the environment in which people work.

Tomas is a CORO Foundation Fellow and holds a masters degree in Urban Studies. He has lived and studied in several countries including serving as a staff member with Dr. Erich Fromm in Mexico. From his international experiences, he authored of the Cultural Integration Process for cultural diversity within organizations, and The 7 Principles of a Principled Workplace and the Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™) . Tomas is also coauthor of the WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Inventory , the corresponding On-line WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Alignment Inventories and McFletcher's current Work Alignment Dialog book for Upholding the Promise of Work and author of numerous management studies, training materials and articles.




Rick Clayton

Consulting Members

Rick Clayton
Consulting, Operations and Work Processes

Rick brings to McFletcher extensive experience in both the technical and management aspects of cultural and work alignment through his 25-plus years as a plant and general manager of two different companies along the U.S.-Mexico border. He offers clients coaching and implementation of organizational improvement projects in manufacturing and border operations. As a result, Rick's plants have achieved manufacturing records - including the first plant in Mexico to receive the coveted Shingo Prize from the University of Utah, the first facility of the parent corporation to be ISO 9000 certified and numerous quality and productivity metrics. His organizations have consistently met and exceeded all requirements of the parent or corporate center.



Janina Latack


Janina C. Latack, Ph.D.
Consulting, Leadership Coaching and Training

Janina offers a unique combination of both academic and real-life applications in all of her career consulting and executive coaching services. Her 16-plus years helping clients achieve increased job success and person-to-person effectiveness is demonstrated through her own life/work practice. She is a catalyst for change with the unique ability to combine practical tools, structure and focus on accountability with an inspiring, supportive style, one-on-one and with teams. Janina also lends her expertise as an author, speaker and workshop leader and has held faculty appointments at the University of Arizona and Ohio State University. She holds a doctoral degree in organizational behavior and a master's degree in education both from Michigan State University. She is a certified career counselor providing McFletcher clients depth as well as breadth in her counseling and training.



Maradell Peters


Maradell E. Peters
Consulting, WSP™ Certification

Maradell co-delivers WSP™ Certification and helps our certified client organizations design meaningful interventions using the appropriate McFletcher products and processes. Throughout her eight years as a lead consultant with McFletcher, she has brought organizational intelligence, business savvy and personal grace to her certification training and applications coaching roles. Maradell continues to surpass client expectations with her wise counsel and practical solutions. Prior to working with McFletcher, Maradell served 15 years in human resources within the telecommunications industry. While at GTE, she was the youngest female manager in the organization and received the Siemens President's Award for outstanding achievement. Maradell holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and has focused her continuing education in the field of organizational development.





Bill Cohen

Affiliate Members

William J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Consulting, Workplace Research

Bill presents research projects with WorkStyle Patterns® Database. Examining WSP™ data to uncover emerging workforce and workplace trends, he draws upon his earlier experience - as Lecturer of Business Management with Massey University in New Zealand where he taught operations management and ergonomics courses - to present WSP™ findings in public and client venues. Bill has a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering and a master's of Science degree in Engineering Psychology. In addition to university teaching, he has presented at conferences, led client workshops and published more than 30 papers and reports. His consulting work at BP Oil resulted in a "Chairman's Award" for one of the 10 best safety projects worldwide. Currently Bill is providing his ergonomics expertise in Bagdad, Iraq with Exponent Failure Analysis Associates. When in the U.S. he extends his ergonomics and consulting expertise with McFletcher's WorkStyle Patterns® processes, offering our clients a broader perspective for Work Alignment.



Humberto Garcia

Humberto Garcia Gallegos
Affiliate Consulting for Latin America

Born and raised in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, this border town environment provided Humberto opportunities to learn in-depth the personal and organizational dynamics of a bicultural society. Humberto developed an awareness of, and the capability to, blend the strengths of the American and Latin cultures together. His complete integration of these strengths is revealed in his teaching and consulting work. Humberto is certified in McFletcher's products and processes and is a member of Mexico's equivalent to the Organization Development Network. He works with McFletcher as a WorkStyle Patterns® affiliate consultant. Humberto holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Organizational Development.



Steve Johnson


Steve Johnson
Affiliate Consulting, Personal Ministry Design™

Steve offers McFletcher and clients his expertise in ministry design. He is the Teaching Pastor of Cypress Church in Salinas, CA. His deep passions for discovering and celebrating diversity, and teaching the Bible, coupled with his experience living and serving in Mexico, Central and South America, fuel Steve's vision of seeing that people meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Steve is a graduate of Arizona State University, Western Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently completing his Doctoral studies at Phoenix Seminary. With McFletcher, he has co-authored the Personal MinistryDesign™ (PMD™) program. In it he provides an in-depth understanding of the biblical aspects of work and how God has designed work.


Julie Knapp


Julie Knapp
Affiliate Consulting, Training, On-Line Learning

Julie offers her wealth of experience and talent in the areas of media, technology, web design/consulting, curriculum design, adult learning theory, and management in a consulting capacity both internally to McFletcher and externally for McFletcher's clients. She provides consulting services for classroom training technology use, online instruction, digital storytelling for academic and corporate environments and web design and web consulting. Concurrently, Julie is a faculty associate at Arizona State University's Cronkite School where she trains faculty to generate web sites and use technology in the classroom. She has received several awards for her teaching, writing, team management, and publication development expertise including the ASU President's Award for Team Innovation for project management of ASU's first interactive online services. Julie holds a master's degree in Learning and Technology and a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education. She has authored numerous articles and has written a book recently titled, Converging News Products In a Multimedia Age.





Stephanie Tang


Professional Staff

Stephanie L. Tang, J.D.
Products and Publications, Licensing

Stephanie manages McFletcher's product development and publications processes and is a Certified WSP™ Inventory Facilitator. She performs quality control oversight, addresses ethical issues, maintains client communications and publisher relations, and edits our materials to ensure that new and revised works conform to McFletcher standards. As a licensed attorney, Stephanie provides legal services in the areas of copyright registration and research, contract drafting and review of products and processes, and licensing of McFletcher software products. She serves as our legal researcher and advisor on intellectual property rights. Stephanie holds a law degree and is a member of the Arizona and California State Bars. She also provides pro bono legal services to low-income clients at Community Legal Services' Tenants Rights Clinic.



Sheila Ross


Sheila Ross
Marketing and Public Relations

Sheila gives McFletcher a "voice" in the marketplace, translating our capabilities, offerings and expertise into language that human resource professionals and line managers understand. Sheila develops our marketing campaigns and writes the words that tell our story in our promotional, technical and news-related materials. She also contributes to our annual business planning process and participates in the sales and marketing aspects of projects for current and prospective clients. To better understand the concepts she describes, she has become a Certified WSP™ Inventory Facilitator. Sheila has held director-level marketing positions within the high technology, wholesale manufacturing and medical equipment industries. Her marketing programs have garnered numerous awards from the Media Marketing Association, the Global Awards and the Business Communications & Marketing Association. Sheila has a bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Ohio State University, and has taken 500 business education hours.



Delene Burton


Delene Burton
Software Design and Support

Delene is the mastermind behind and designer of McFletcher’s Relational Database that enables the firm to conduct complex and sophisticated WorkStyle Patterns® Research Studies. A valued asset since 1984, Delene champions WSP™ organizational studies, industry and professional data, computer systems and network requirements. Delene also envisioned and designed McFletcher’s WSP™ PROFILER Software Program that enables Certified WSP™ Facilitators to be proficient with WorkStyle Patterns® scores and profiling. She is also the mastermind, designer and creator of the incredible On-line WorkStyle Patterns® (WSP™) Alignment Inventories.

An expert with computer systems and information, Delene serves as McFletcher’s technology guru, maintaining everything from the network, server, website, internet, e-mail, and databases to Microsoft and Adobe applications on a variety of systems including both MAC and PC computers.

Delene has worked with information technology giants including: Honeywell, American Express, Microsoft, MCI, Lucent, AGCS, First Data and Digital Equipment in addition to customizing programs for numerous entrepreneurial and non-profit environments.



Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith, CPA
Financial Management

Lisa manages McFletcher's finance and accounting activities, including accounts receivables, accounts payables, budgeting, financial statements, and tax returns. She serves as the financial interface with clients in regard to invoice processing and with McFletcher staff in financial goals and expenditures. She also advises the company principles regarding corporate policy. Lisa holds a Baccalaureate degree in Accounting from Arizona State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. She served as staff accountant at Henry & Horne CPAs at which time McFletcher was one of her clients. She has also been an accountant for Discount Tire Company's corporate headquarters.

Lisa's guidance to McFletcher since 1992 has not been limited to financial management. She models McFletcher's values and policies in addition with administrative and HR support.



Judy Barrette


Judith Barrette
Consulting, Learning Systems

Judy joined The McFletcher team in October 2011. She is retired with 35 years of service for the State of Arizona, 28 of them with the Department of Transportation. She brings experience in management, organizational development, systems design, process improvement and training.

Judy was the creator and director of a 20,0000 square foot statewide training facility and training curriculum for all of ADOT. As the administrator of Organization and Employer Development, she designed a decentralized training system and its programs, centralizing the process and data functions. Four thousand employees were served by her department, 2000 of whom experienced the WSP™ Individual Inventory.

Judy holds a Bachelor of Behavioral Science and is a Certified WSP™ Facilitator, ISO 2000 auditor and Malcolm Baldridge auditor. She is also an Achieve Global Master Certified instructor. She is also a part of the prestigious Barrett Honors College, which challenges her to take more difficult classes, but benefits with networking skills and connections for a more enriched future.





Spencer Jorgensen


Spencer Jorgensen
Production and Customer Support

Spencer Jorgensen began his McFletcher career as an intern in September 2011. Spencer provides production and customer service support with an emphasis on client records, software applications and the WSP™ Database Research. He is currently a junior at Paradise Valley High School of which he is the junior class president. Spencer is involved in multiple extracurricular activities including Key Club, which he serves as the public relations manager, National Honors, which he serves as the President, Spanish Honors Society, Varsity Golf, and Student's Supporting Brain Tumor Research.

Upon graduation from high school Spencer plans to further his education at Brigham Young University with current interests in politics, law and medicine.

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